My name is Robert and I am an independent digital entrepreneur. I am 43 years old, father of three boys aged 17, 14, and 4. Alongside my lovely wife Tiara, we decided that 2024 would be the year to put our plans into action in the vast world of the digital market. Aware that the pace of technological advancement is faster than ever, we are working hard to keep up with the technological changes happening around the world. Thus, we have created this website to connect with our customers, offering you options to make your internet purchases safely, quickly, simply, and - why not - familiarly. After all, you go online and search for a particular product. And one of the deciding factors in your choice is precisely the origin of that offer, with no shortage of cases where consumers fall victim to scams and suffer sometimes devastating losses. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to provide millions of consumers with an alternative purchasing channel that will abbreviate the arduous task of searching for a secure website before making your long-awaited purchase.

Our role as Affiliates and Professional Promoters is to bring our customers the best products and offers that are being marketed at high rates worldwide. For example, it is estimated that in the US alone, the Affiliate market will reach a growth of approximately $12.2 billion by 2025. This means that more and more people will be looking to purchase a product through search networks. Which also means that there will be an increasing need for more and better options to meet these people. That's why we're here, to help our customers reach their desired product in a highly satisfactory way. Our greatest reward will not be the commission generated by the transaction, but knowing that the consumer was happy and fulfilled their dream through our service. That is priceless.

Join us and find 'champion products'. Join the RobertChamp I-Products Hub.


RobertChamp I-Products Hub

  • Trusted - ensuring a safe and transparent environment to offer the utmost satisfaction and peace of mind to the consumer. Our content runs with SSL and HTTPS certifications, thus keeping transitions and accesses to our partners' websites completely secure and under Global Privacy Policies such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): The most comprehensive privacy law in the world, which applies to all those processing personal data of individuals in the EU; Federal Trade Commission (FTC): The primary federal agency responsible for consumer protection in the US; Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC): Responsible for administering the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which is Canada's federal privacy law; National Data Protection Authority (ANPD): The federal agency responsible for enforcing the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which is Brazil's privacy law, among others.

  • Fast - We value your time. That's why we've prepared a virtual environment where you can quickly complete your purchases with just a few clicks. As affiliates to the best I-Producers, all you need to do is click on our redirect link to reach the official product page you desire. There, you can stay as long as you like to check out all the product information or click directly to checkout and finalize your purchase. You won't need to browse the internet trying to decide which ad is "most reliable" because we've already done that for you. And if you need more information, simply submit a request through our customer service channels via email, text message, WhatsApp, or Telegram. Our response time is just 1 business day!

  • Simple - Simplicity is one of our main features. Just like you, we also have dreams, goals, and objectives. We have a constant desire to improve and live well with our families. The feeling of communion and friendship, the desire to establish a relationship, and a macro vision of the importance of dealing with people are factors that move us, and that's exactly why we make sure that everything is very clear and transparent, with honesty and maximum truth so that you feel at home! That's simplicity.


  1. How does the purchasing process work through the RobertChamp I-Products Hub?
    You'll search for your product on the internet, on Google or Bing, for example. When typing the name of the product you're looking for, you'll find dozens of offers per page. That's where you'll need to spend some time until you find the ideal offer, considering factors such as security, trustworthy site, available contacts, and, of course, the best price. We'll be present in the vast majority of advertised products since our campaigns are targeted based on products with high demand. But if you prefer, you can simply access our website and find your product in our available links or even send us a message with the name of the product you're looking for, and we'll deliver the best options directly to you.

  2. Once I complete the purchase, where can I get support?

    We can assist with the entire Customer Support structure, including mediating contact between the consumer and the producer. But know that each product has its own support page, which makes it much easier for you once you become an official consumer of that product.

  3. Can I receive my products anywhere in the world?
    If you found the product advertised in your country's search network, then yes, you'll receive it according to the estimated delivery time. To make sure if the product is delivered to your region, here's a valuable tip: Go to the product, simulate a purchase, and proceed to checkout. When filling out the delivery details, the page will display all countries available for the delivery of that product. If your country is on the list, then you're a Champion!!! Celebrate and make the purchase!

  4. If I need to make a return or request a refund, how should I proceed?
    Each product has its own deadline and rules regarding refunds. These deadlines are generally between 7 and 90 days, depending on each producer's internal policy. To know the correct procedure for applying for a refund or return, access the specific page of the purchased product. And if you need help with that, just contact us.

  5. What's the main advantage of accessing the product I'm looking for through your site?

    Scroll up a bit and you'll see our Values. There are the main advantages. But if I had to summarize it in just one, it would be the fact that you don't need to talk to robots! We'll be here full time to validate your experience from the beginning to the eternal relationship between Client and Support! The main advantage is that you'll literally be at home!